Monday, October 10, 2016

Project Update II: Back in the Neurohelmet

Creator fatigue took a toll post-preview release, and combined with other demands there just wasn't much happening on the Built for War front for a bit. In hindsight I should have had a continuous stream of stuff in the pipeline such that we could keep releasing new tidbits each week without actually having to do much for a little while. Which is what I'm working on setting up now, because it's not fair to you, the interested people, to be left hanging for months. Blogger, I've just discovered, lets me schedule posts in advance. So I'm going to write a couple more posts after this one and schedule them and we'll see how that goes.

Four 'Mechs are in the process of getting art right now, and we're lining up some more non-'Mech units for the next batch of commissions. While art is happening we're writing, trying to knock out fluff pieces for those 'Mechs so they can start the editing and fact checking process.

Finally, thanks to the several people who kept prodding us (ok, mostly me) to keep at it and post updates.

- the Built for War Team


  1. Not a problem, everyone needs to take a break now and then. :)

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  3. Glad to see you guys are still whanging away at it. I know about 'creator fatigue'. Took me five years, and that's a good part of the delay.

  4. Glad to hear its going ahead and thanks for the heads up :)