Sunday, April 30, 2017

Project Update X

Man, May got here fast. The second preview release will be delayed by a week or two on account of my job giving me a fair bit of extra work this past week and weekend.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project Update IX

We'll be releasing a second preview by the end of April. Starting a new job paused TRO progress for a few weeks, but  a few days of upcoming downtime will allow for the last bits of layout and editing to be completed. This preview will be much larger, with about thirty units, and much closer in overall feel to the final product. On the back of the new preview, we're going to have another round of fundraising. The war chest is getting a bit low, and we've been trying to have funds in the account used to pay for art before it's actually commissioned so that once we get completed pieces we can pay immediately.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Project Update VIII

This project wouldn't exist without MegaMek, so we're pretty excited to announce that the process of creating MegaMek sprites for all the Built for War units has begun. These sprites will be released along with the TRO and MegaMek files so that you can easily any Built for War unit to your games.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Update VII

Today's update has three fronts:

Art front - we've got just gotten our first sketches from a new artist in. Looking good and more on that will be shared as his first commission moves to completion. Also Matt Plog is working on a batch of four battle armor, and while he finishes them the next batch is being prepped to go to the sketch stage.

Technical front - in the preview we released, a number of people noted issues with the text, especially when it came to the record sheets. We've got a pretty good hunch that the embedded .pdfs are what's causing it, and we're working to find a solution that makes the dang thing actually readable while retaining the functionality that they provide.

Community front - We're starting to work on the donation rewards for people who've contributed, starting with high-level rewards and working our way down. If you want to up your contribution level to get into a higher tier this is the time to do so, since it's a lot easier to work the rewards in now rather than later.

- the Built for War Team

PS: Haven't posted any art in a bit so here, have a teaser!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Project Update VI

News from the past couple of weeks:

First, Matt Plog is wrapping up a batch of four 'Mechs and is working on a batch of four Battle Armor. The 'Mechs look very slick. I'm seriously considering breaking from tradition and giving them full pages in the TRO so that it's not smushed in next to the stats, that's how good it looks.

Second, we have another artist who's going to get started on his first piece for us in a few days. I've been looking for more artists for a while, since the main speedbump for the TRO at the moment is the rate at which art can be finished.

- the Built for War Team