Monday, October 24, 2016

Art Preview: Semiramis

Say hello to the Semiramis. A real beauty, this Canopian 'Mech is the first of the most recent art batch to be finished. The Canopians have some nice sleek and curvy 'Mechs, but we decided to aim for more of a Penthesilea look with this one. I've always had a soft spot for it - there are too few 'Mechs that look like they could actually have a fusion reactor inside them, but the Penthesilea reaslly nails it, with the cockpit perched on the side and the limbs jutting off from the side torsos. And the little laser wheel in the CT - brilliant! But would you believe that when I sent the commission notes to Matt Plog he referred to it as "that 'thing'"? But in the end we're all pretty happy with it despite some differing opinions about the progenitor. Here's hoping you like it too.

- the Built for War team

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