Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Update VII

Today's update has three fronts:

Art front - we've got just gotten our first sketches from a new artist in. Looking good and more on that will be shared as his first commission moves to completion. Also Matt Plog is working on a batch of four battle armor, and while he finishes them the next batch is being prepped to go to the sketch stage.

Technical front - in the preview we released, a number of people noted issues with the text, especially when it came to the record sheets. We've got a pretty good hunch that the embedded .pdfs are what's causing it, and we're working to find a solution that makes the dang thing actually readable while retaining the functionality that they provide.

Community front - We're starting to work on the donation rewards for people who've contributed, starting with high-level rewards and working our way down. If you want to up your contribution level to get into a higher tier this is the time to do so, since it's a lot easier to work the rewards in now rather than later.

- the Built for War Team

PS: Haven't posted any art in a bit so here, have a teaser!

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