Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Preview: Ironclad

Some people out there like 'Mechs that are smooth and shiny. And that's OK. For those among us that love hulking, ugly brutes that leave craters behind with every step, however, there is the Ironclad. Inspired by my love of the old Yaquinto game of the same name, this beast wouldn't look out of place striding through the Mississippi. 

Among other standout features, there is the spiritual successor to "machine gun knees" - laser toes. The Ironclad has a pair of small pulse lasers mounted in the legs, and it was rough going figuring out a place to put them that looked good. As we toyed around with various placements, something possessed me to put them between the toes, and it just worked. So, if nothing else, our project can claim the first foot-fired
weapon on a 'Mech.

- the Built for War Team

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